No doubt you are aware that Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) works with the poorest of the poor in the world that who face all kinds of obstacles and challenges to living healthy, whole lives.  Basic necessities are often scarce, if available at all. The challenges are many and real.

People who live without access to clean water, or who have no access to adequate sanitation, are, almost invariably, the poor.  They are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty.

I have seen people walking for many kilometers to collect water from a rural well or stream and in some cases drawing dirty water. That cost is usually borne by women, who could be more profitably employed, or children, who should be in school.  Lack of clean water or adequate sanitation kills 1.7 million people a year. Ninety per cent of them are children. Infant mortality in low-income countries is over 13 times higher than in wealthier countries.

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May God bless you and I appreciate your support.