Pader Town
Northern Uganda

Over the last four years our team has noticed Churches are good at presenting the gospel and have a dire to disciple new believers. The School Discipleship Ministry is working with churches and spiritual clubs in schools to strengthen discipleship among students, teachers and the community


Two main goals

  1. Equip existing clubs in schools with training and  providing tools they need for ongoing discipleship.
  2. Link schools and churches together, creating a lasting relationship between thespiritual development of students and spiritual growth of church volunteers.

Long term goal

Our long term goal is to help children grow into mature followers of Christ, who will one day lead and serve in their churches and communities. 

Meet Walter Okidi the Discipleship Trainer

Primary Schools

To reach primary ages, we will present our vision to the head teachers in schools which we are already connected with through previous ministry. After thorough assessment, we will provide teachers with relevant spiritual growth training and lesson materials to introduce to their students. As many primary schools do not have clubs already, we will take part in forming new, Christian groups. Our prayer is for the growth of the young people!

Secondary Schools

With the same motive, we’ll reach out towards existing clubs within the secondary school system. In this, we can train students as well as teachers to be spiritual leaders, also teaching them how to used and implement the tools for growth that this program provides! Our materials will also include lessons that talks about their bodies and godly relationships. Our prayer is to see these youth grow and make a difference in their communities!