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Can we build a better world in 2018?
The New Year is traditionally the time when we make resolutions, but how about having at least one resolution which is about making a difference?

At Emmanuel International Canada we are making a difference in 2018.
No doubt you are aware that Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) works with the poorest of the poor in a world that faces all kinds of obstacles and challenges to living healthy, whole lives. Basic necessities are often scarce, if available at all.

The challenges are many and real!

I’ve outlined just a few of our projects that made a difference in 2017.

We worked with the Antigua, Barbuda Consulate and the Moravian Church to provide emergency food and water for families in need. We also collected needed items for the people of Barbuda who had their homes and belongings destroyed.

The Water and Sanitation project in Malawi, has been completed. This project strengthened health and productivity for 92 rural poor communities in directly improving the lives of women and children.

We have invested in the showing of the Jesus Film in Ugandan Villages. Volunteers from 18 village churches were trained with the local association of Pentecostal churches. The training included Christian leadership, follow-up with new believers, and how to lead a discussion-based Bible study. Now, when the Jesus Film is shown in these villages, there are faithful disciples to nurture the new believer’s faith.

Our Tanzania Fuel-Efficient Stoves that use 50% less firewood have been very successful. Wood is typically the primary source of fuel for light and cooking. However, because open pit fires consume a large amount of fuel, every four or five days means another long trip to retrieve more wood. This often means that the consumption of trees is incredibly high, further depleting this already-low resource.

I’m proud of the work Emmanuel International Canada is achieving.
Check out our online catalog now and make a difference!


Richard McGowan Executive Director
Emmanuel International Canada

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