Bimbi Irrigation

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Every year Malawian Farmers face the challenge of inadequate rainfall. The crops that are harvested may only feed a family for three months of the year. They need a more reliable system so they can grow their crops more effectively.

The five villages that make up the group village Mayera will have access to this irrigation project benefiting 280 households and an approximate population of 1232 people. A donation of $40 will help Mayera provide a more secure basis to produce household food requirements and will also improve family cash flows by growing high-value crops. Phase 1 has been completed and they are now ready to move to Phase 2.

Phase 2 of the program costs approximately $75,000 which includes:
• Solar Irrigation Booster Pump
• Piping through the sprinkler system
• Pit Latrines: 1 for Men and 1 for Women
• Office and storage for equipment and tools

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