Christmas 2023 What a great success because of you!

We want to take this time to celebrate your generosity this past Christmas. We are excited to share with you the final amounts and how your support will enhance the work of Emmanuel International.

Your gifts, together with others, have blessed every one of EI Canada’s projects.


$5,945 for Bibles • Healthy snacks for 400 students for 11 months
• electric generator to present The Jesus Film • 100 filled school
backpacks • 100 choir books with devotionals • 3 sewing machines to support family incomes • 52 Ugandan Christians trained to meet remote tribes • $13,000 to support staff in 3 countries • new pastors trained for new churches • 264 superfood seedlings with farm training • 5 months’ support for 5 Brazilian ministry students • 10 microloans to small businesses • motorbike to help Bible translation.

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