This has been a fantastic truck!

IMG_20160216_113610 It has transported EI Malawi staff to project sites for 6 years.
It has travelled thousands of kilometres over rough Malawi roads. In that time,
EI Malawi has helped feed over 1 million people.

But we need a new vehicle!


Distribution of food

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Gathering every last bean

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Distribution of beans


For Malawi’s Feeding Program


Help EICanada raise $50,000

to provide a much needed vehicle for EI Malawi’s feeding program.

With two years of drought and devastating floods last year, the need is great.

What EI Malawi is providing

  •  We are feeding just over 250,000 people for up to 18 months
  • To do this we have 8 support teams of 12 staff members
  • They travel to 62 Food Distribution Centers twice a week
  • Our teams are distributing over 40 million pounds of food (corn, beans and oil) in partnership with World Food Program