International Director


Emmanuel International (EI) is a global Christian ministry, which exists to encourage, strengthen, and assist churches worldwide “to encourage, equip and assist churches to serve the poor in wholistic ministry.” Its vision is to transform lives, for now – for eternity.
EI is an Interdenominational, International organization made up of affiliates and project countries around the world with a common set of goals and values which guides our worldwide ministries and partnerships.
EI is seeking an individual who, as the standard bearer, will lead the diverse worldwide body into the future with the goal of keeping the body true to its philosophy and principles, as well as helping all to develop to their fullest capabilities.

Job Description
  1. Be the face of EI globally representing its interests around the world.
  2. To work with affiliates and project countries to develop long term strategies and new initiatives and develop a plan for expansion into new project and donor countries.
  3. The director will be responsible for ensuring that EI stays on track in terms of fulfilling its mandate and holds to its core values .
Character Qualities
  1. Demonstrates a strong commitment to following Jesus.
  2. Biblically driven.
  3. Personal integrity.
Qualification, Education and Skills
  1. Cross-cultural experience.
  2. Pastoral or mission experience, with organization management skills.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to provide a leadership that will encourage a culture of trust in a multi cultural setting.

For additional information, please contact:

Sue Fallon