Poverty and fear do not require a passport to travel

Lin’s O’Connor EIC News Desk 11 May 2016 – The United Nations’ agricultural agency has joined forces with a group of Nobel laureates to tackle the problems of hunger and violence through a new alliance launched in Rome today  ... Read More

Summer Students Needed

Current summer student opportunities for employment in Canada for 2016. Join Us In Ministry Each summer EICanada is priviledged to be part of the Canada Student Jobs Program and gives valuable experience to students. To qualify for a summer job... Read More

Emergency Call for help from EIC Mindanao, Philippines.

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor El Nino- drought has caused food shortages as well as the spread of diseases in the worst-affected areas in the southern island of Mindanao. In its latest report, the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs... Read More

World Health Day- April 7th 2016

 EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor Many factors contribute to world health, with one of the greatest influences being the availability of safe drinking water for people. The United Nations recently announced that they have reached their millennium goal of... Read More