Emergency Request – Floods Hit Tanzania

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor Observed periods of heavy rainfall in Tanzania continue to cause flooding in different regions of Tanzania. Six people drowned after the vehicle in which they were travelling was swept away. Five others, including the... Read More

Malawi faces worsening food shortage

Executive Director of Emmanuel International Canada stated, “Malawi is struggling with food shortages, rising prices are causing increasing hunger.” Malawi has experienced a long drought and other effects of El Nino. Malawi has been struggling to cope with drought and... Read More

World Water Day

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Says Water Vital for Human Survival, Strong Economy, Urging Bold Action to Address Access Gaps, in Message for International Observance This year’s World Water Day focuses on the links between... Read More

Emergency request from Tanzania!

Emergency request from Tanzania! Our office received an urgent update from our Emmanuel staff in Tanzania about damaging floods in one of the communities we partner with closely. Devastating floods swept away over 100 homes and the possessions, food and... Read More