Make a difference, feed the hungry.

EIC Media Desk- Caitlin Bouwma   This is a call for help. For the past two years, the country of Malawi has seen a series of environmental disaster, resulting in two years of failed crops leading to widespread hunger. First,... Read More

New Project in Malawi for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

  “Emmanuel International Canada (EIC) is very pleased to be working with the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health “PROMISE” consortium of Christian Children’s Fund Canada and ADRA,” stated Richard McGowan, Executive Director Emmanuel International Canada. EIC is improving the health... Read More

Help for the Victims of Pawaga Flooding in Tanzania

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor Emmanuel International is helping the church in Pawaga, Tanzania, to assist victims of the floods which occurred in February 2016. The pastor and elders of the local Anglican church worked with the village leaders... Read More

A call to meet the world’s basic needs

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor “People who are starving are not thinking about other anti-poverty goals,” Princess Haya Al Hussein said at the United Nations, calling for cooperation and coordination among the humanitarian community to meet the world’s basic... Read More