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Help provide the Scripture to hundreds of people throughout the world! In Canada, we are blessed to have easy access to the Word of God, but in many of our Project Countries, bibles can be found far and few between. Our goal is to ensure that we have a bible available for anyone who asks -no matter what language they speak.

Donate here, and help us reach as many people as we can with the Gospel!

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Bibles for Evangelism

Access to the scripture is something that can often be taken for granted. In many parts of the developing world -particularly the countries that Emmanuel International is located- bibles are a luxury not many people have. Whether it be that the cost is too high, or prints in their language are inaccessible, a shocking number of people have no access to the written word of God.

Because Emmanuel International works directly with churches in the countries we are located in, we have a unique opportunity to share the Gospel with those involved in our projects. Part of our mission is to make bibles available to everyone we can.

The Bibles we supply are all available in local languages, translated so that as many people can be touched as possible! We are also providing Picture Scripture for the many countries where illiteracy is common. In this, our goal is to make the Gospel available to everyone that we work with, no matter where they find themselves.

Your donation will help make the Word of God widely available within the many countries that we are located.