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Tanzania – Conservation Agriculture


Emmanuel International is working with the farmers in Tanzania with our Conservation Agriculture program. Training them in more sustainable methods of planting and harvesting, our farmers are reaping the benefits.

Your donation will help provide more farmers with the resources and training they need to establish new agricultural routines.



Conservation Agriculture

About 80% of the population of Tanzania are dependant on the land for their livelihood. That means nearly 46 million people in Tanzania alone are surviving through various methods of farming. Yet in a land where drought and famine are so common they’ve become expected, the people of Tanzania face constant agricultural insecurity. In an effort to combat this, Emmanuel International has introduced out Conservation Agriculture project.

This project focuses on sustainable farming methods, developed to introduce the participants to new ways to maximize their harvest. Using the Bible as a textbook in conservation agriculture methods, each farmer learns to grow and farm their land “Gods Way.” This season alone, our workers in Tanzania have trained over 66 farmers.

Our training includes:

  • Seminars on conservation agricultural practices
  • Learning to grow and plant crops
  • Training in crop planting methods
  • Reducing deforestation
  • Understanding spiritual causes of poor land use and harvests and being encouraged to transform their lifestyles and habits

Over the duration of this project, we have seen great success. The farmers are keen to learn, and communities quickly see the benefits to the new program. More and more, we are seeing success!