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Uganda – Discipleship Ministry


Let’s make discipleship in Uganda a priority.

Why not train teachers and student leaders in discipleship? We supply relevant materials for the student leaders, linking schools with churches to promote lasting discipleship and faith.

Your donation will help provide materials and support for the participants in this program. With your help, our Ugandan schools and churches can be further saturated with disciples of Christ!



Discipleship Ministry

In 2012, Marianne was asked to be Interim Chaplain of Pader Girls Academy, Uganda.

In 2015, she developed some materials for youth called “Understanding True Love”.  It is a biblically based course that teaches teens about the love of God, helping them understand love and relationships in light of that love.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Soon after, we piloted the materials with a youth group at a local church in Uganda. The success of these lessons sparked invitations to bring the course into other schools and churches. That’s when we began to develop our ideas. 

Why not train teachers and student leaders in discipleship? We can supply materials that meet the needs of the student population, and also link the schools with churches to promote ongoing faith in every aspect. Our project idea was well received, and thus the Uganda Discipleship Ministry was created.

The Uganda School Discipleship Ministry  involves 3 main activities:

1. Casting vision in schools an nearby churches
2. School leadership engagement
3. Church partnership creation and support

We will help to link churches and schools to build lasting discipleship structures, using materials that are already widely available, such as “Understanding True Love” and others.

You can follow this project, and others like it by visiting our missionary blog