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Tanzania – Fuel-Efficient Stoves


Emmanuel International is working to provide fuel-efficient stoves to communities throughout Tanzania. These stoves reduce the firewood it takes to cook meals, producing a cascading list of positive effects for a family.

From increased school attendance, to higher family incomes, one fuel-efficient stove can transform the lives of multiple families in Tanzania!




Fuel-Efficient Stoves

Introducing Fuel-Efficient Stoves means several things for our Tanzanian friends. Because stoves use 50% less firewood, the cascading effects include saved time and resources. This in turn helps to provide business, and even promote further education for young students!

Wood is typically the primary source of fuel for light and cooking. However, because open pit fires consume a large amount of fuel, every four or five days means another long trip to retrieve more wood.  This often means that the consumption of trees is incredibly high, further depleting this already-low resource.  Additionally, these day-long trips to retrieve more wood take away from otherwise productive hours. New developments introduced by Emmanuel International will reduce this significantly, taking the people from a weekly scavenging for firewood, to monthly excursions.

The technologies that have been presented to the communities are none other than these fuel-efficient stoves. Mud and brick are molded together to produce a one-pot, airtight stove. The results are incredibly powerful, the stoves consuming less than half the amount of fuel the same task would typically use. The effects of this simple development in a family’s life are incredible.

Less wood being used means less trips to retrieve the fuel. The extra time allows families to spend more effort focusing on providing for each other in more productive ways. Children can attend school instead of taking multiple days off every month. Mothers and fathers are able to make a profit from selling their own crafted stoves. These stoves can be used to upstart small businesses. The benefits are endless!

Your donation will help us extend our project into more villages in Tanzania, giving hope for more families and communities.