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Uganda – Girls Hygiene Ministry


Girls in Uganda often drop out of school when they reach maturity due to the inaccessibility of menstrual supplies. Emmanuel International is combatting this by providing education and materials for young women to handle menstruation and remain in school.

Your donation of $5.00 will provide the materials for one girl to continue their education, transforming their lives forever. The gift of education is the most valuable gift a young girl can receive, and you have the ability to provide it!

Will you consider changing the life of a young girl forever?




Girls Hygiene Ministry

In Uganda and many other countries, there is a surge of girls dropping out of schools as they reach maturity. Though there are various reasons for this, the primary factor is their inability to manage menstrual cycles while attending school. Missing up to a week of school each month often causes girls to fall behind in their studies and eventually drop out.

Emmanuel International has identified this as an important issue for young women, acknowledging that their education is essential to the futures of their families and communities. As a way to combat this, we developed the Girls Hygiene Ministry, which reaches to girls in the remote villages of Uganda.

This ministry works closely with schools throughout Uganda.  With a biblical approach, we take aside girls twelve and over to educate them in the care of their developing bodies. Psalm 139:13-16 forms the basis of the lesson; we teach the girls how they are wonderfully and uniquely made by God and are important to Him.  We provide some teaching on biology and the practical wisdom of dealing with periods, giving them the materials they need.

After the lessons, each girl receives:

  • 4 washable pads
  • 4 pairs of underwear

These resources will ensure that the girls are able to continue going to school. It gives them unimaginable opportunities that they otherwise would not have had.