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South Africa – Pastor’s Library


To fully equip our pastors in South Africa, Emmanuel International is developing our Pastor’s Library. Adding resources such as theological references, Bible study materials and Church history books will help us touch the lives of many South Africans!

Your donation will help provide new materials and fill the shelves of our Library for Pastors.



Pastor’s Library

Emmanuel International has been equipping rural pastors in South Africa for over 10 years. In addition to providing prayerful support, we are also filling our informal pastor’s library with much-needed resources for sermons, counselling and evangelism!

A basic pastoral library includes:

  • Systematic Theology reference materials
  • Church History materials
  • Grammar and Dictionary
  • Bible study guides
  • Pastoral care material

Providing this resource library to the pastors in South Africa is important. With the right materials, our pastors are able to further their reach into their communities, touching more people with the Good News of Christ.

Fully equipping one pastor can cost up to $800, but our libraries will help make these resources exchangeable between pastors. Donating to this cause will help stock these libraries with the right materials for our pastors in South Africa.