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Tanzania – Beekeeping


Incorporating a beekeeping project along with the Conservation Agriculture in Tanzania increases crop yields and creates income generation from honey sales and other bee products.

We have started beekeeper groups through the churches in the villages of Tanzania. These groups are learning to care for hives and produce honey and wax products as a entrepreneurial investment.

With your generous donations we will expand this ministry into other villages!




Our Beekeeping Project is a unique way to incorporate many of our programs in Tanzania into one. Caring for beehives blends work in agriculture, entrepreneurship and tree planting into one project. The Beekeeping Project is an effective way to teach many valuable lessons and practices to Tanzanian communities.

Firstly, bee hives in a field can greatly increase crop yields. Bees pollenate the farm’s plants, allowing for more food to grow and be stored for seasons of hunger. Additionally, the sales of honey and other bee products are a helpful way to generate further income for a beekeeper.

Currently, we are supporting several beekeeping groups in Tanzania. Emmanuel International is training them in proper habits of a beekeeper, including hive construction and care. Our groups are also learning to make honey and beeswax products such as balms, candles and soaps. These products are sold for a significant profit to the farmer and the beekeeper!

Your donation will go towards expanding this program into more villages and communities across Tanzania. It will go towards generating supplies, material and tools for the farmers involved in our program.

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Help us transform lives in Tanzania through supporting our Beekeeping Project!