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Brazil -Terena Bible School


Emmanuel International is preparing many students to share the gospel in indigenous areas throughout Brazil. Currently serving eleven students, the Tenera Bible School provides gospel training through mentorship and teaching.

Your donation will help support the school and the students. Every dollar is invested towards reaching the nations with the Good News of Christ!



Our Tenera Bible School StudentsTenera Bible School

Our offices in Brazil are dedicated to sharing the gospel with all the people -including the indigenous population. The Tenera Bible School was established for these exact purposes, and has trained many men and women in biblical studies. Their goal is to train indigenous students who have responded to God´s calling to be pastors and missionaries among indigenous nations.

EI Brazil has been involved with the Terena Cades Barneia Bible Institute since 2003, hosting many students for nearly fifteen years. In 2017, the school hosted eleven students from four different ethnic groups. For two years, they will be receiving training and be mentored by teachers and church leaders. Once their training is complete, the graduates will be prepared to return and serve their people with the Good News of Christ!

We believe that it is vital to help train indigenous Christians now. The Brazilian government is closing the indigenous areas to non-indigenous people, making these populations difficult to reach. Our bible school is preparing those who have access to these areas to enter with the gospel in places we cannot!

Would you consider investing in a future leader of the Brazilian Church?