Growing in God, a story of Marco in Brazil

Growing in God, a story of Marco in Brazil
In Brazil, the 7th Presbyterian Church runs a program called the Nineira Project, aimed at empowering children and teenagers by teaching them various skills. Through this initiative, participants engage in activities such as art, robotics, circus arts, sports, and music. Not only do they acquire these skills in a safe and supportive environment, but they also receive nutritious snacks to support their overall well-being.  
Here is one such story of a boy who has benefited from this project.
Marco Thulio, (blue t-shirt) has come a long way. He is a 16-year-old teenager today living in Brazil and has participated in activities at Sementes do Vale since he was 10. He has learned and developed musical abilities in singing, drums, and guitar. Today he is a musician facilitator in the Community where he came from. In this picture with his new colleagues, Marco is receiving lessons on "Building on firm foundations", in bible studies, taught by Gabriell, a missionary partner from Ninheira Project.
Christmas 2022 raised funds for nutritious snacks for these children, helping feed 400 students for 10 months in 2023 and will be featured again Christmas 2023. Praise God. 

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