Food Aid Crisis


As you may recall on March 13, 2023, the government of Malawi called a State of Natural Disaster after Cyclone Freddy hit the southern region of Malawi. This was the 3rd cyclone in just thirteen months to pass through Malawi. 

Zomba District currently faces severe food insecurity, affecting 60% of its rural population due to Cyclone Freddy's impact. This has led to widespread malnutrition and hunger, with many households having less than a week's worth of food reserves. Despite some closure of displaced people camps, numerous households still lack necessities and proper shelter, resorting to makeshift accommodations. Flood-induced agricultural disruptions have left over 434,000 individuals in urgent need of food and livelihood support, exacerbating short-term sustenance and long-term livelihood prospects. Children are particularly vulnerable, with UNICEF reporting acute malnutrition in 1.4% of Zomba's children and moderate malnutrition in an additional 20%, underscoring the critical need for intervention to address child nutrition.

To tackle the challenges outlined, Emmanuel International Malawi is proposing the Zomba Food Relief Project, requesting support totaling $10,000 CDN. This project aims to deliver food relief and nutrition packages to 500 households and 650 children impacted by hunger in TA Mwambo, Zomba District. Your contribution will directly alleviate suffering and ensure vital sustenance for vulnerable families and children in our community. We sincerely hope for your generous support to make this initiative a success and bring much-needed relief to those in urgent need.