Directors Easter Message 2016

May the spirit of hope that Easter brings, help you find contentment and

restore your faith in the Lord above.

The death of Jesus is a reminder of God's love for each of us.

I know many of you will be observing Easter Sunday in a variety of ways. Obviously many of us will go to church and do Easter egg hunts.

Some make a special dinner with family and friends while others prefer to spend the time alone in quiet reflection.

Easter holds different messages and meanings to different people.

During Easter we as Christians recognize the completion of Jesus Christ’s mission on Earth to die for the sins of humanity and to be resurrected on the third day.

Easter Sunday is a very important celebration to me, however I think about what that day must have been like for Jesus to die in the most publicly humiliating way at that time. For three days, there was nothing, he was gone, all seemed lost, but it really wasn’t.

Easter is a celebration that the most hopeless of circumstances could be revived. The resurrection of Jesus is the heart of the Gospel message and, perhaps even, the meaning of the life that there is hope.

No matter how dark it gets, there is a light that shines. That’s why they call it “The Good News”, and it can inspire everybody.

May you be renewed and strengthened and have a Blessed Easter.

Executive Director

Emmanuel International  Canada

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