Here at EIC we call it

“Steps on the way”

Getting Involved

1. Let’s Talk

Whether it’s through you picking up the phone and giving EIC a call or filling out the “contact me” EIC form, “let’s talk” is nothing more or less than that. “Let’s talk” is the first step you take to initiate conversation with us, and there are no strings attached. In our getting to know one another, face to face conversation will be essential at some point. Having said that, anytime in the process of getting to know one another you are free to walk away at your convenience and we won’t bug you.

We would count it a privilege to walk and talk with you as we seek and look to Him for direction. Our confidence is in God’s capacity to lead you and get you to where you need to be. If we at EIC can be part of that process, we would love that!

2. Let’s Apply

If it becomes evident for EIC and you that there is a possible fit for you to serve God under and through EIC, the next step is “let’s apply.”

Filling out forms, providing references and getting medical clearance is not on most people’s bucket list! Yet it is an essential part of the process for you and EIC to jointly recognize your fit in the role God may have for you through EIC.

After completing this step and providing all necessary information, you still haven’t committed yourself in any way to EIC. The discerning process for you and us is still active and open to proceeding or not.

3. Let’s Train

Once you and EIC have decided that you are on board with the mission, the “let’s train” is the next step. You will have become an EIC missionary candidate and have committed to the following training components:

Pre field training
Spiritual vitality and cultural competence; take MissionPREP IMPACT course (2week course)*
Language acquisition preparation; take MissionPrep PLANTS course (2 week course)*
EIC home office visit; a One week visit which will include training / orientation to the EI world, getting to know the EIC staff, and necessary face to face pre-departure discussions.
*or equivalent*

Field training
In country orientation as prescribed by the in-country rep
In country language and culture acquisition as prescribed by the in-country rep
The “Let’s train” step is captured by the following axiom: “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going”— Bev Sills.

4. Let’s Go!

This final step on the way can be done concurrently with the previous step, “Let’s train”. While taking the “Let’s Go” step it will become abundantly clear that it’s not possible to send yourself. That’s why we use the term “let’s go” to imply that we are all somehow going with you, playing our different parts in making your “going” possible!

As you build your partnership support team through prayer, presenting and the participation of others, you will experience the body of Christ sending you. EIC requires that before you go a minimum of 30 intentional intercessors be part of your partnership support team and that 100 % of your support has been pledged before purchasing airline tickets.

Now it’s official; you are part of the EIC Global family.

Let’s go!