Emergency Request - Floods Hit Tanzania

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor

Observed periods of heavy rainfall in Tanzania continue to cause flooding in different regions of Tanzania.

Six people drowned after the vehicle in which they were travelling was swept away. Five others, including the driver, managed to escape. According to local media, the group was attempting to cross the swollen Koga River on the border between Katavi and Tabora regions.

“More than 500 households have been affected by the rainstorms. We have managed to reach all 18 wards to ascertain the extent of the damage.”

Floods swept away over 100 homes and the possessions, food and crops belonging to the people of Pawaga near Iringa where many of our Emmanuel International (EI) Tanzania people are located.

The 452 people affected have been relocated to another area, where the families are living in a camp of temporary shelters and makeshift dormitories provided by the government. Some food and clothing has been provided by local donors, but with so many people in need, this help will not last long. There is also cholera outbreak in the area which presents a special danger to people living in such close quarters.

The current El Niño weather phenomenon is predicted to be the strongest on record, the United Nations says, causing flooding in east Africa, that has put two million people at risk of displacement.

EI Tanzania has been able to provide food and clothing to the people of Itunundu which was donated by churches and individuals in Iringa town. More help is needed, and especially food.

Approximately $25 CDN will buy enough food to feed a family for a week.

To help  EI Tanzania provide enough food to feed a family for a week - Please Donate  Now!

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