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EIC Media Desk- Caitlin Bouwma

This is a call for help.

For the past two years, the country of Malawi has seen a series of environmental disaster, resulting in two years of failed crops leading to widespread hunger. First, severe floods tore through the districts of Malawi, not only displacing 250,000 families, but destroying their crops as well. This year, the effects of El Nino have caused many countries in southern Africa to suffer severe drought. In Malawi, over 5 million people are facing great hunger due to failed harvests.

Because of this, the Country is calling for help. Emmanuel International Malawi (EIMalawi) has been asked to partner with the World Food Program (WFP) to distribute food. Starting in September 2016, this program will last for 5 months, and will help feed an estimated 500,000 people.

Serving over 8,500 tonnes of food each month, EIMalawi has asked EICanada to help find volunteers with skills in the following:  logistics and warehousing, bookkeeping, etc.  We need organized individuals to ensure all paperwork is kept in order, and make sure payments are accounted for.

Approximately 10 trucks, each carrying 30 tonnes of food, will be delivered to the Malawian warehouses every single day. From there, smaller trucks will take the food through the rural roads and deliver it to the villages. In total, 425 trucks will be used to distribute 8,500 tonnes of food each month!  EICanada is in need of motivated and organized volunteers that will be willing to help with the various tasks included with food distribution in Malawi.

Please consider this request for help! There is great need within Malawi as droughts persist, leaving the people in their second year of hunger. EICanada is excited to serve with you as we help provide food and relief to so many Malawians that are in desperate need.

Should you feel called to help serve with our food distribution in Malawi, please contact Richard McGowan:

Phone: 905-640-2111


We look forward to serving with you!

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