Standing at 5'6", Heather Taylor is not what you would call a giant.

​Born in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, Heather grew up loving the water. She first tried rowing as an alternative to risking another concussion after a high school rugby tackle gone wrong. In rowing, she discovered a sport that was worth getting up at 4am for. Having rowed on the rivers and lakes of Canada and Australia, she'll tackle the Pacific one stroke at a time.

Off the water, Heather studied geological engineering at Queen's University in Canada and then moved to New Zealand for postgraduate studies in natural disaster management. In 2012, she headed for Australia, her paternal homeland. Based in Perth, she works for the Western Australian state government in disaster management. When she is not working, she is studying physics and space science at the Royal Military College of Canada.​

While science and sports have kept her mind and body engaged, her heart rests with the real giants—the unrecognized giants in our world who work hard to provide for their families and communities in the face of many injustices. Heather's childhood was spent playing hopscotch on the coloured tiles of the Emmanuel International (EI) office floor where her parents have worked for over 40 years to serve the rural poor in East Africa, Haiti, Brazil, and the Philippines. As an adult, she has spent time in Haiti and Malawi with EI and lived in Indonesia for several months when doing her postgraduate research.

Bringing together all these pieces of her life, she is on a mission to share the stories of the real giants as she sets off across the Pacific.

Heather will be raising funds for EIC Promise project

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