Circus Art Workshops Changing Lives in Brazil

Our Partner Church Monte Claros 7th Presbyterian Church in Brazil has been changing lives of 50 youth through a unique project through Circus Art Workshops. EI Brazil and EI Canada have been invited to join in 2021 to help expand the project further in the Ninheira area to an additional 60 youth. This project is designed for children, teenagers, and youth from Bandinha, Cabaças, Bananeira, and Nogueira communities who don’t have many activities to engage in a small town. In 2021 our goal is to have 60 children in these weekly workshop learning skills they never had an opportunity to do before giving them self-confidence. Each week before they start they have a time of devotion and payer giving students a foundation of Christ’s love. When we help kids, from teaching them how to read to offering opportunities to play sports, or to learn the circus activities, they start to believe that, with some help and their hard work, life can become more than just an effort just to make it to the next day.One girl quotes  “For me the Circus classes have been very good. I´ve learned new and wonderful things. The trips were very nice because we went to bring joy to other children. And we taught what we learned in the class. In summary, the Circus classes changed me in a better person. I am not a shy person anymore and learned things that changed my life.” It is through these testimonies that we know lives are changing. She has gained much more than just skills in circus art she is changing her life. We are proud of the work EI  our partner churches are doing throughout the world in our project countries.

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