Jesus Film Outreach

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Bringing discipleship to the Jesus Film.
Since 2013, Emmanuel International has invested in the showing of the Jesus Film in Uganda. However, instead of simply showing the film, our focus creates a lasting revival by linking the viewers to bible study groups. These groups use the Jesus Film as a call to Christ, providing a place where they can meet regularly, discuss the Word of God and grow deeper in their faith.

The Jesus Film is a movie-like portrayal of Christ’s life on earth. It was created with the intentions of world-wide production; an effective means of communicating the transforming story of Christ to all nations. Film is often more relatable in cultures where literacy is not as prominent, and since the Jesus Film is available in over 1,500 languages, it’s been critical in the conversion of many.

When Emmanuel International was presented with the opportunity to show the film in various Ugandan villages, we were faced with a decision. Traditional “hit-and-run” evangelism often results in large numbers of decisions for Christ, but the Church doesn’t grow, and the people inevitably fall away for lack of nurturing. Instead, we want to see people fall in love with Christ, and remain dedicated to his teaching. Thus the Jesus Film Outreach was born, and it’s been growing ever since.

In 2016, volunteers from 18 village churches were trained in a week-long training co-run by Emmanuel International and the local association of Pentecostal churches. The training included Christian leadership, follow-up with new believers, and how to lead a discussion-based Bible study. Now, when the Jesus Film is shown in these villages throughout Uganda, there are faithful disciples to nurture the new believer’s faith.

Your donation will help provide study materials and fund these growing study groups in Uganda!

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The Jesus Film is a resource that is proven to be effective in villages throughout the world. It’s been shown all over the planet, sparking over 490 million decisions to follow Christ.

Emmanuel International is taking one extra step in this ministry by providing new Christians in Uganda a place to study and develop their newfound love of Christ.

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