Sanitation Development Kome Island

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Sanitation knowledge is limited and not widely practiced for those living on Kome Island Lake Victories in Tanzania. This project will provide sanitation training and community support to 6 villages through seminars and public events that will help 200 households. 

This project will help achieve the following;

  1. Reduce the impact of sanitation related diseases in 200 households (1000 people approx.)
  2. The project will encourage the use of tippy as this is a low cost hand-washing station designed to allow a singer to effectively wash both hands with soap and water. The use of bucket taps for domestic use which installs a tap at the bottom of the bucket allowing water to be extracted for drinking without contamination. The buckets are a low cost but not locally available. To encourage a standard practice of sanitation for all households in the communities to have at least an easily cleanable cement surface and a cover for the pit hole.
  3. Establish Income generating small businesses in 6 village by selling sanitation products
  4. Facilitate 6 community banking schemes (village saving and loans)
  5. Empower the local church through health related bible training and income generation activities
  6. Church based training seminars and bible studies on the importance of a healthy body and provide a place for honest and open discussions during banking schemes