Emergency Call for help from EIC Mindanao, Philippines

EIC Media Desk – Lins O’Connor

El Nino- drought has caused food shortages as well as the spread of diseases in the worst-affected areas in the southern island of Mindanao.

In its latest report, the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs pointed out that while the ongoing El Nino has affected large areas of the Philippines, the most severe damage to agriculture is concentrated in Mindanao.

"Eighty seven percent of crops have no chance of recovery,” the UN was quoted as saying.

The UN noted that they were concerned that water shortages may raise the risks of diarrhea and waterborne diseases among children and other vulnerable groups.

Emmanuel International field workers Ken and Ruth Copsey report, “It’s been so very hot here in Mindanao with daily temperatures reaching 36C or 96F and heat index of 39C (102F). We also have four hour daily power outages and water interruptions.”

But this is nothing in comparison with what many farmers in North Cotabato, Maguindanao and other areas are experiencing, a crop failure due to the unusually dry season and locals are now in a time of hunger and survival.

We have already helped with food distribution among Maguindanaons last March helping 250 families.

More requests are coming in and we need your help!

For just $15 you can help feed a family for 2 weeks. We want to be able to help 360 families, in the remote areas we are working in right now. $40 dollars will help provide certified seeds for farmers when the rains return.

Ken and Ruth Copsey

Mindanao, Philippines

For donations please mark for “Mindanao Drought Relief.”

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