Longtime Emmanuel International supporter Henry Allan (Bud) Wright passes away.

When the founder  George Middleton set out to realize his dream of the mission that became Emmanuel International, he needed to find somewhere to use as an office. Somehow, he persuaded Bud and Margaret Wright, friends from Forward Baptist Church, that their basement was the ideal location. So that was where EI was born, becoming official in September 1975.
The office moved on from there after a time, but Bud & Marg’s basement spare bedroom holds the honour as the starting place. They remained supporters of EI throughout the years, until today.

Bud passed on to join Margaret with Jesus this morning, June 3, 2019. He was 99 years old and had walked faithfully with God for many decades.

Henry Allan (Bud) Wright 1920 – 2019

On behalf of the EIC staff, we wish the family and friends our deepest condolences.

Richard McGowan
Executive Director
EI Canada

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