A team from Springvale Church Stouffville traveled to Haiti to make a difference

A team from Springvale Church Stouffville traveled to Haiti to make a difference

Recently a Team of 13 keen people from Springvale Church traveled to Port-au-Prince Haiti. They were fully loaded up with tools and medical supplies, led by Stouffville residents Heather King and Paul Risi.

“The team completed renovations, delivered medical supplies for the pediatric clinic in Jacmel, brightened up the orphanages in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel with a new coat of paint and a giant mural on the wall to the delight of the children. They also built new bunk beds, shelves and purchased a new freezer,” said, Risi.

Sponsorship of $30,000 for the trip was raised by friends of Springvale Church, Emmanuel International and the local community.

“This is the 4th Springvale team to Haiti and the alarming thing is its estimated 430,000 children are orphaned or abandoned and still need help in Haiti,” said Risi.

Both orphanages have property adjacent to local churches that also include school facilities. When children first come they receive medical treatment and nourishment so they can become healthy to begin school and faith based activities.

Freedom House orphanages is a Christian ministry that rescues and cares for the welfare of orphaned and abandoned children providing safe housing, high quality medical attention and education that were founded fifteen years ago by Dave and Sonia Lock who are also from Stouffville.

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