Can We have an honest talk?

Can We have an honest talk?

You are “fearfully and wonderfully made."

This is a big revelation for girls in Mwanza, Tanzania as they experience their first menstrual cycles.

We’d also like to share this wonderful story with you as we mark International Women’s Day on Sunday March 8, 2020.

Meet Laura Kelly of EI Tanzania. Laura teaches accurate health education to 65 girls through the Strength and Dignity program—and dispels cultural taboos. Before the program, many girls thought they had a terrible disease. Now they can confidently attend school. They can claim a brighter job future and reduce their risk of sexual exploitation.At group meetings, the girls receive reusable pads, personal supplies, biblical encouragement and a time for prayer.

“I love these sessions. It’s the first time I can ask questions like this,” says one of Laura’s participants.

Phase 2 plans to reach 1,500 girls.

Would you like to visit this or other powerful projects  EI partners with
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Written By Janet McLeod Wortel for EI Canada

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