First Evangelical Indigenous Women Meeting recently held in Rondônia State, north of Brazil.

Emmanuel International (EI) Brazil helped support the 1st Evangelical Indigenous Women's Meeting held recently in Rondônia State, north of Brazil.
Rute Poquiviqui, the meeting coordinator, reported, it was a great success with 250 people from 14 different ethnic groups participating and almost 180 were women.
Fred Silva Brazil EI Rep stated, “The meeting included Bible studies, time of prayer, reflection on issues related to Christian women, fun, plays, and worship in a number of traditional languages. Men were responsible for cooking and for taking care of the children. They commented: ‘it´s their time, isn´t it? We have to help them get the most of it’. It was so good to hear the women say: ‘we need those meetings, where we have a good time and also learnt the Word of God.”

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