Testing an innovation in Tanzania

Emmanuel International Canada has been awarded funding to run an innovation trial in Mwanza, Tanzania starting June 2022.  With financial support from FIT (Funding for Innovation Transformation) through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) our Tanzanian office will oversee the testing of an innovative concept to improve the condition of women and the sustainability of farming innovation (project managed by Simon Ewing).

Several women will be identified as lead farmers and trained to run and operate three cost-effective and grass-roots Agricultural Technology Hubs. The hubs will provide gender-focused access to information technology, organic farming practices, technology solutions in irrigation, and hands-on training opportunities. The lead farmers will then each train up to 30 farmers in the testing period (eight months, ending in January 2023), each of whom will then test technologies and new practices through on-farm trials. The project aims to directly impact the lives of 270 farmers over the trial period.

The hubs will be an entry-point to the whole community for newly introduced innovative solutions, thereby increasing acceptance, sustainability, and scaling of those innovations. The ultimate goal will be to equip women farmers with the ability to test and validate innovative technology and practices themselves in a sustainable and gender sensitive manner.

Both EI Canada and EI Tanzania are excited to start this next journey in testing this innovation with plans to upscale it in the future to other EI countries. Pray with us as we head into this short testing period.

Sample Hub Container

Hub concept

Seeding planting

Sample Thrive garden in Kenya