Safe Houses

South Africa
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A Safe House is a home where up to six children grow up within a loving and caring family unit. Where siblings are involved we work at keeping them together.

Currently (2020) we have 3 Safe Houses with 16 children that are under our care. They attend school where they may not have received any education or are behind when they start, they learn about God’s love through weekly Bible devotions and attend church.

It costs $700 a month to run a Safe House for six children ($116 per child).

We have a donor that will subsidize every child with $70 a month, so a donation of $46 a month will pay for a child for a full month.

The Safe House’s are homes where a maximum of six orphaned and vulnerable children are raised and discipled within a loving and caring family unit by a dedicated house mother. The Safe House model is a much more intimate home environment where we avoid the institutionalized feel of many orphan centres.  The family units are kept small to encourage a closer relationship with the house mother and the other siblings.