Student Scholarship

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The high school and college students we connect with in the Philippines know the importance of education. Though they often do the best they can stay in school, circumstances sometimes pull them away from their studies. Emmanuel International’s Student Scholarship program has been introduced to help them out.

For only $30 a month, our Student Scholarship program helps students with the supplies they need to get through high school and college. We are reaching out to these students and offering to assist them with:

  • Tuition
  • Uniforms
  • Books
  • Transportation

A full education in a country such as the Philippines can lift these students out of the cycle of poverty. It helps provide opportunities for sustainable careers, and allows them to help provide for their families. Your contribution to the education of a student can change the face of their families for generations to come.

The gift of education is perhaps the best gift a child can receive. In the Philippines, we’re helping provide the tools that students need to complete their education through our Student Scholarship program.

It’s easy to make a difference. It’s easy to change one of these student’s lives!